5 Tips for Making Your Child’s First Movie Experience Memorable

5 Tips for Making Your Child’s First Movie Experience Memorable

I recently took Chase to the movie theater for his first movie. Overall, he did a great job, especially considering that he’s only two years old. I learned a few things and I thought I’d share them with you. Here are some tips that you may find helpful for when you take your child to their first movie.

Chase's First Movie

  1. Arrive late. Yes, you heard me correctly! Don’t go into the theater until after the previews have ended. If you want to make it easy, just ask the theater how long the previews last. They should be able to tell you. Little ones can only sit for so long and skipping the previews is a good way to cut some time off.
  2. Try to sit on the end of the aisle if possible. This is helpful if you need to get up to leave for a few minutes with your child. Chase got antsy towards the end of the movie and we had to leave a few minutes early. It’s nice knowing that you can make a quick exit without having to walk in front of the people who are seated next to you.
  3. Look for show times that do not interfere with mealtime or nap. I was able to find a showing of Finding Dory that worked well for Chase’s schedule. He was able to eat an early lunch and the movie ended at a time that was still reasonable for him to take his afternoon nap. Keeping your kid’s schedule as close to normal as possible is important for both of you, as you want to do everything to make the experience a memorable one.
  4. Enjoy theater popcorn, but do so in moderation! I made the mistake of allowing Chase to eat as much popcorn as he wanted. He ate almost half the bag of popcorn all by himself! This didn’t really mess up the movie watching experience, but he did have some stomach issues later that evening and the next day. Next time I will monitor his popcorn consumption a bit more closely! Live and learn, right?!
  5. Have fun and go with the flow! Toddlers may or may not be able to sit through an entire movie and that’s perfectly fine. Towards the end I could tell that Chase wasn’t going to last, as he was trying to get out of his seat and was starting to make some noise. I think he wanted to walk up and down the stairs once he caught sight of them. If you need to leave early or things don’t go exactly how you planned don’t sweat it. In the end it’s all about creating special memories and the more relaxed you are the more fun you’ll have!


Do you have any good tips to add to my list? If so, please feel free to share!

  • Nickole
    Posted at 01:59h, 17 July Reply

    Good tips!

    • Stacy
      Posted at 02:27h, 18 July Reply

      Thank you for checking them out!

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