A Review: Boon Whale Pod Bath Toy Scoop, Drain, and Storage

A Review: Boon Whale Pod Bath Toy Scoop, Drain, and Storage


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When my son was old enough to start playing with toys during his bath I quickly realized that I needed a way to store the zillions of toys while at the same time wanted to make sure they were easily accessible. That’s when I found this awesome product! The Boon Whale Pod Bath Toy Scoop, Drain, and Storage has been a nice addition to my kids’ bathtub.

Boon constructed the Whale Pod out of very safe materials, as it is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free. They also put some thought into the design of this product, as it helps to reduce mold and mildew buildup on the toys that are placed inside the scoop. I just checked our Whale Pod and there are absolutely no signs of mold or mildew on the apparatus. That’s impressive considering that there are wet toys placed inside the scoop on a daily basis!


The Whale Pod can attach to the wall of your bathtub either via adhesive strips or hardware (screws and anchors). I chose to use the adhesive strips in order to avoid placing permanent holes in the bathtub and have had no problems with the unit coming off the wall. The instructions do recommend placing the adhesive strips and mount on the wall of the tub for 24 hours prior to attaching the base. I followed the instructions and it has been up for over 2 years and hasn’t budged. I’ve seen a number of people make the suggestion that the Whale Pod have a suction cup option. We have a very small toy net that has suction cups and that thing is always falling off and doesn’t work very well. In my opinion, there is no way that suction cups would be able to withstand the size and weight of the Whale Pod. Seriously, don’t let the adhesive deter you from considering this awesome product!


The toys actually are stored in the scoop and I’ve found that I can fit quite a few toys into the scoop. My son likes playing with the scoop and especially enjoys pouring water onto his head! When bath time is over I’m able to easily place all the toys back into the scoop where they can drip-dry. There are slats on the side of the whale’s body for the water to drip through.


I should mention that the scoop attaches to a built-in shelf where you can place larger toys or shampoo. This has been very convenient for some of my son’s toys that are just too big to fit into the scoop. Though I don’t think that the tail of the whale was designed for the use I’ve given it, it has worked well for hanging my kids’ washcloths. They are able to dry quickly and it’s really convenient.

As far as cleaning goes, the base can be removed by first holding the bracket securely with one hand while gently pulling the base up and off the bracket tabs with the other hand. Both the base and scoop can be cleaned in warm water with mild soap.

Seriously, I’m all about products that will keep me organized and the Boon Whale Pod is no exception!

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