A Review: Munchkin Loft Aluminum Gate

A Review: Munchkin Loft Aluminum Gate


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When it came time to baby proof our house one of the first things I knew I’d need to invest in was a solid infant safety gate. There are quite a few different options available and my goal was to find a gate that met a number of criteria. Specifically, I was looking for a gate that was safe, modern, wall-mounted, and durable. Since our home has a heavily traveled staircase, I quickly realized that a cheap and flimsy gate that has to be moved every time someone walks up or down the stairs wouldn’t cut it. That’s when I started researching gates and found the Munchkin Loft Aluminum Gate.

This gate has a sleek and modern appearance. I don’t know about you, but I think that there are a number of gates available for purchase that are ugly and dated looking. This gate is not one of them! It is constructed out of durable, yet lightweight aluminum and has a silver-toned finish that fits in nicely with modern and contemporary decor. After over two years of daily use, this gate has held up remarkably well and still works just as well as it did when it was installed.


Safety is a must for me when I’m researching products to purchase. This infant gate provides the latest safety technology available. It boasts an Integrated Tuning System which was designed to provide easy width adjustments with preset index positions. It also has an Indexed Sizing System that makes it possible to achieve a perfect vertical fit even if the walls aren’t level. Unlike many other gates available, this specific gate can be hung above the floor so that you won’t trip or stub your toes. When I’m running around in a hurry, which seems to be often, I don’t want to trip over my gate!

The gate is versatile, as it can be hung in doorways or at the top or bottom of a staircase. In order to provide as much walkthrough room as possible, this gate includes two half-inch spacers that can extend the width of the gate to a maximum of 40 inches. The gate can swing open in both directions and is ideal for heavily traveled areas within your home since you can essentially walk through the entire gate opening.

Another great safety feature is the double locking system on the handle that is easy for adults to open, yet difficult for toddlers to figure out. My two year-old will stand on one side of the gate, and thankfully, he has no idea how to open it.

My husband installed one gate at the top of our stairs and one gate at the base of the stairs. I appreciate the piece of mind that I have that my son will not fall down the stairs while playing nor will he be able to sneak up the stairs without supervision. He is so quick and I need all the help I can get to keep him as safe as possible! I am so glad that I have these gates now that my daughter is becoming more mobile. They are awesome!


One unique feature that I haven’t used, but seems worth mentioning, is the quick release wall mount that allows for easy and quick gate removal and replacement. This may be pretty handy during times when you’re entertaining guests and the gate is not needed.

After using the Munchkin Loft Aluminum Gate for about one year I was so impressed that I decided to order another one to place in the doorway between my kitchen and mud room. This has been great, as it prevents my son from getting into the dog food and water bowls, and it also keeps him from sneaking out the door into the garage. Besides just my kids, I’ve used this gate to keep my dog in the mudroom while he’s eating. He likes to wander around the family room while he’s eating, which I think is super gross, and now I can keep him contained to his feeding area.

I should mention that installation was a bit tricky when placing the gate at the top of our stairs due to the fact that there is molding on the top of a half wall that makes up one side of the stairway. Since the gate has to slide down onto the brackets there was no way to get this done without removing the molding. This was definitely a challenge, but my husband was able to get the gate installed and it looks and works great! As long as you don’t have anything that impedes the gate sliding onto the bracket you should be just fine.

One negative thing I have to say about this safety gate has nothing to do with the actual product, but rather the price. It is one of the more expensive gates available and that may deter some from purchasing it. However, this gate is so much better than the other options available that I think the higher price is totally worth it.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this product! I appreciate that I was able to find a gate that doesn’t compromise safety, while being stylish at the same time. If you’re still on the fence after reading this, you might appreciate knowing that Munchkin provides a limited one-year warranty for this gate. While this gate is probably one of the most expensive on the market, it’s totally worth the investment.

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