A Review: Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

A Review: Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup


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I don’t know about you, but over the past two years I’ve purchased multiple sippy cups in search of the one that is easy to use and is spillproof. Once your baby has transitioned off of a bottle you’ll need to have a reliable sippy cup in place since it will be used multiple times throughout the day. Some friends of mine actually introduced me to the Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup.

I initially was sold the second they showed me how the cup worked. They demonstrated how they could turn their Miracle 360 upside down and I was quite impressed when none of the liquid leaked out. Then they really got my attention when they said it never leaked when placed in their diaper bag. So many cups I had previously tried leaked all over the place and made a huge mess. I immediately ordered my son a couple of the cups and was excited that my long sippy cup search was finally over. However, after purchasing a couple of these cups for my son I slowly began losing my enthusiasm for this product. I really want to like this cup because the concept is great and it’s good for teaching kids to drink from a cup, but there are some major flaws that have made me less than impressed.

The cup is designed to automatically seal when your baby is finished drinking, therefore eliminating unnecessary spills and messes. Munchkin boasts that this cup eliminates messes and can even be placed on a nightstand overnight. With this being said, I have found that it does not seal well and that liquid often leaks out of the top and down the side of the cup when it’s sitting on my kitchen counter. There is no way that I would put this directly on my nightstand unless I placed a coaster underneath it. When I first started using the cups I put them directly into my diaper bag (my friends had said this was a major selling point for them) and was not very happy when they leaked all over the place. There is no way I’d put this in your favorite purse or designer bag! To avoid a major mess I started putting the cup in a large ziplock bag so that the liquid wouldn’t get all over my other things. I’m sorry, but a cup that isn’t supposed to leak shouldn’t have to be placed in a ziplock bag! If I were designing this cup I would’ve included a lid for when on-the-go.

Also, these cups make a huge mess when thrown or dropped onto the floor. If your little one never throws a cup then you might not have to deal with this problem. Sometimes the cup is thrown and sometimes it’s accidentally dropped onto the floor, but either way, it’s super annoying to have a big mess to clean up. For some reason when these cups hit the floor the liquid seems to fly out all over the place. I’ve noticed this much more than with any other sippy cup I own.

Another downside worth mentioning is that the lid can be quite difficult to remove. I believe that this is due to the suction and have found that if I remove the valve that sometimes it is easier to then take the lid off. Often times I have to use my jar lid gripper to remove the lid and when that fails I have to wait until my husband gets home to help me. Even he has to twist pretty hard to get the lid off when it’s on super tight. I tried not twisting the lid on very tight so that it would be easier to remove after use, but that was a big mistake as it created quite the mess when the cup was dropped or thrown.


Despite all of the negative aspects of this cup, there are a couple good qualities. Unlike most other sippy cups, the Miracle 360 is unique because it is spoutless and there is a 360 degree drinking edge. Dentists have recommended this cup, as it supports normal muscle development within the mouth. My son caught on to using this cup immediately. The cup is safe for babies and is constructed of BPA-free materials. I should also mention that this cup is very easy to clean, once you’re able to disassemble it, and is top rack dishwasher safe.

The cup comes in four fun and bright colors: blue, green, orange, and pink.


There are two types of Miracle 360 cups available for purchase depending on the age of your baby. The Miracle 360 Trainer Cup (7 oz), which includes handles, has a slower flow rate and is recommended for babies who are 6 months. The Miracle 360 Sippy Cup (10 oz) has a faster flow rate and is recommended for babies who are 12 months and older.


Overall, I think that the Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup has some positive features, but unfortunately, they are outweighed by the negative ones. Even though the concept is there, I’d pass on this cup. Believe me, I really wanted to like it, but after months of giving it a fair shot, I am not a fan.

  • Allison@thehousethatlallibuilt.com
    Posted at 10:22h, 04 November Reply

    Have you tried the reflo cup? It is a similar concept, but it does say it’s a slow flow when tipped over. I haven’t so I’d be curious what your think after this review. Very informative! Thank you.

    • Stacy Lucas
      Posted at 06:30h, 10 November Reply

      I haven’t tried the Reflo cup and will have to look into it.. Thanks for reading my review and for letting me know about the Reflo cup!

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