A Review: Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag

A Review: Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag


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My family is always on the go! We enjoy traveling and haven’t let having kids slow us down. In fact, my husband and I figured that it might be good for them to get used to our active lifestyle. With all the airplane travel that I do I knew that needed to find something to make transporting bottles easier. The Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag is a great product to consider for moms who are planning to spend a day away from home or for those moms who are going to travel with their little ones. I’ve even heard that moms who pump while away from home have found this bag useful for transporting their breastmilk.

I have used this bag on numerous trips and have been very pleased with how well this product has kept bottles cold. Skip Hop claims that the bag will keep bottles cold for up to four hours, but I’ve found that as long as the bag is not in extreme heat that it actually can cool bottles for longer than that. The bag is insulated and there is a reusable freezer pack that fits nicely in an interior mesh pocket. For those traveling by air, make sure that the freezer pack is frozen when going through airport security so that it’s not confiscated!


One of my favorite features of this bag is the easy-open adjustable strap. This bag has made my life so much easier when going through airport security due to the fact that I can easily unstrap from my diaper bag and hand to the TSA agent for testing. I don’t have to frantically dig through my diaper bag looking for bottles, as they are all in one convenient place that’s easy to locate. It’s also easy to attach to a stroller for when I’m out running errands.


Skip Hop states that the bag can hold two large bottles or sippy cups, but I have actually been able to fit three large Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles inside this bag. It’s a bit of a tight fit, but it totally works.

Cleaning the bag is quite simple, as it has a nice wipeable lining that is easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth and you should be good to go. I should note that with air travel I have had issues with my bottles leaking, which I presume is due to the pressure change that occurs with altitude. Therefore, I place the bottles in a plastic bag inside of the bottle bag in order to keep the inside of the bottle bag as clean as possible.

This bottle bag boasts two-way zippers that makes it easy for single or double bottle or sippy cup access. The zippers are durable and I’ve never had a problem with them.

For those wondering about safety, the bag is BPA-free and Phthalate-free.

Currently, there are 8 different bag patterns to choose from. There is a plain black color, or they also offer a number of fun patterns that are sure to fit your style. You can even choose one that matches your diaper bag if you wish. I have the chevron patterned one and the only negative thing I have to say about this bag is that after lots of use it does get a bit dirty and yellowish on the bottom where it comes in contact with the floor or ground. I’m guessing this happened due to being placed on the floor of numerous airplanes.


Another neat thing worth mentioning is that this bag can be used for snacks after your little one becomes too old for bottles. You can also use it to keep drinks cold. My son’s Contigo water bottle fits perfectly with room to spare.

Overall, the Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag has worked well and has made airplane travel a lot easier. If you are someone who travels often or spends time out and about I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this purchase!

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