A Review: Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

A Review: Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Monitor

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If you’re anything like me, you may have been completely overwhelmed when the time arrived to pick out a baby monitor. There are so many different models on the market to choose from and with the technology that is available the options are endless. That’s when I started to panic a bit. This one purchase is what I will use to keep a close eye on my baby. No pressure or anything! Did I want one with wifi or one that could tell me the temperature of the room? I took a deep breath and ended up finding one that has worked great for our family.

First, a word about monitors with wifi. I don’t know if you’ve seen the news stories regarding people being able to hack into your baby monitor if it’s connected to your home wifi. This just freaked me out and I’m sure there likely is a way to prevent that from happening with some setting on your router, but let’s be honest, what new mom-to-be has time to figure that out! Also, I’m at home when I use the monitor, so I didn’t feel it was necessary to have a monitor with wifi. I guess some would argue that it’s nice to be able to see your kids while away, but I know that they are usually with family and I don’t need to be checking in on them every five seconds. Ultimately, it wasn’t worth it to me to pay for that feature, so I opted for a monitor that did not have wifi capability.

When looking to purchase a monitor I had a few non-negotiables. I wanted to find a monitor that had the following:

  • Digital technology for security and privacy
  • Decent sized screen with digital color
  • Wide-angle camera lens with zoom feature
  • Night vision
  • Sound-activated LED display
  • Lightweight and portable unit
  • Good range distance
  • Rechargeable capability with long battery life
  • Expandable system – ability to add additional cameras


After doing quite a bit of research I narrowed my search down to two monitors that seemed to best fit my criteria: the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens and the Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor. Both of these monitors have great features, but in the end I chose the Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor because the price point was lower and it did not require an additional purchase for the wide-angle lens.

Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with my purchase of the Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor. As always, safety is a top concern of mine when choosing products for my babies. This monitor features digital technology that provides peace of mind for security and privacy. As stated above, I don’t have to worry about some creeper hacking into my monitor through wifi. The unit has a nice 5″ LCD video screen. This is actually one of the largest screens I’ve seen available for a baby monitor and I happen to use every inch of that screen now that my son is able to get out of his bed! It is also very lightweight and easy to transport from one part of the house to another. I appreciate the fact that I can easily take my monitor with me outside when I’m on the front porch or on our deck. (My mom made the mistake of purchasing a used monitor off of Craigslist. While there is nothing wrong with buying used items, she failed to request a picture of the product and ended up with a monitor that is the size of a small old school television. The unit must always be plugged into the wall and is not very user friendly when it comes to moving about the house.) The screen on the Summer Infant monitor has Wide View Lens Technology, so I’m able to see more of the room. I can also use the zoom feature if I need to have a closer look for some reason. I’m also super impressed with the night vision this monitor has. I can see my kids even when the room is completely dark. It’s nice to be able to see that my kids are safely in their beds at night. I also am a fan of the sound-activated LED display. There are times when I place the monitor on my bathroom counter while I’m in the shower and I’m able to see the display light up if one, or both, of my kids are making any type of noise. Often it’s a bit difficult to fully hear what’s going on while I’m washing my hair and I appreciate being able to quickly glance at the monitor if I think I hear something.

This monitor has a really good range distance and allows me to see and hear everything no matter which part of my house I am in. It even works well when I’m in our basement, which is two levels below where my kids’ rooms are located. The manufacturer states that it has a range of 600 feet. So, unless you’re in a huge mansion, you should have no problem keeping a close eye on your little ones.

The Summer Infant monitor has a rechargeable battery, and from my experience, the battery life is quite good. I can easily have the monitor powered by battery in the evening after the kids go to bed and even if I stay up pretty late I have yet to run into battery issues. This monitor also boasts power-save mode which helps preserve battery life. I should mention that I did notice that the battery wasn’t staying charged after owning this monitor for about 6 months. I contacted Summer Infant’s customer service and they quickly sent me a new rechargeable battery pack. Since receiving the new battery I have had no problems with battery life. Their customer service was friendly and efficient. This specific monitor has a one-year warranty, so make sure to save your receipt in case you happen to run into a problem like I did.

The last, and possibly most important feature to consider when purchasing a baby monitor is to find one that has an expandable system with the ability to add additional cameras as needed. In my opinion, there’s no point in buying a monitoring system that can’t be added to as your family grows. The Summer Infant monitor comes with one camera and can have up to three additional cameras added to the system. There is an auto-scan feature which allows you to continuously view each room every five seconds. We just started using the auto-scan after our daughter was born and it works great. It’s easy to flip between monitoring a single room or multiple rooms. So far I’m impressed with how well this monitor has worked as our family has grown. I am completely confident in this product and I do not feel that the safety of my kids is compromised in any way.

Some additional features that make this product a winner include low battery and out of range indicators and two-way communication which allows you to talk to your baby or each other. This monitor comes with wall-mounting hardware and cord security clips.

Overall, this is definitely a monitor to consider for your family. It continues to work well after two years of daily use and I feel confident that this monitor has given me peace of mind when I go to sleep at night!

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