Chase’s First Birthday – Take One

Chase’s First Birthday – Take One

So the plan had been for my parents to celebrate Chase’s first birthday in Hawaii since they were not planning on traveling to Minnesota two weeks later for his actual birthday. My mom worked hard to plan his party and was excited about the fun things she was going to do. Unfortunately, Chase came down with a nasty cold and ear infection a few days before the planned celebration and things didn’t quite go as planned. It also didn’t help that he was teething. The poor little guy felt awful and was in no shape to celebrate. He didn’t really pay much attention to his smash cake or ice cream cone. Normally he is all smiles and very happy. We all knew he was not feeling well and that he was not acting like himself. I think we were all disappointed with how things turned out because by the end of the day my parents had airline tickets for Minneapolis booked for his birthday. On the bright side, Chase loved his gifts, which included a new buddy to play with and some fun books. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Chase and his ice cream cone

Chase and his ice cream cone.


Chase and his new pal

Chase and his new pal.


Chase with Gramma and GrampsChase with Gramma Suze and Gramps.

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