Chase’s First Trip to the Beach

Chase’s First Trip to the Beach

Waikoloa Beach - Hawaii

Waikoloa Beach – Hawaii

Chase loves swimming in the pool and we thought it would be fun to take him to the beach to swim in the ocean. As I mentioned earlier, the Bay Club at Waikoloa does not have direct beach access. This really wasn’t a big deal for us, as the beach is nearby. We gathered our gear and hopped into the car for the short drive to Waikoloa Beach, which is about 1.5 miles from the resort. There is a parking lot for the beach that is located just in front of the entrance for the Lava Lava Beach Club. The walk to the beach is pretty easy and we were able to find a nice spot in the sand for our towels. I’m not sure if it was the time of day, but the ocean was quite tranquil and the waves were very small. Had Chase wanted to boogie board or surf he may have been disappointed! Thankfully he was content with just swimming. Chase immediately wanted to put his face in the water and seemed to absolutely love the ocean. It didn’t even bother him if a wave splashed him. He did a great job and we really enjoyed seeing him in a new environment. At this point he doesn’t seem to have much fear. I’m not quite sure where he got that trait!



Josh and Chase - Waikoloa Beach

Josh and Chase – Waikoloa Beach


Gramma and Chase- Waikoloa Beach

Gramma Suze and Chase- Waikoloa Beach


Gramps and Chase - Waikoloa Beach

Gramps and Chase – Waikoloa Beach

As you can see, we all had a wonderful time with Chase at the beach!

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