Making Memories: Chase + Kate’s First Trip to the Cabin

Making Memories: Chase + Kate’s First Trip to the Cabin

This week I’m on vacation in Oregon with Chase and Kate and I decided to mix things up a bit with a post about our trip to the lake!

My parents purchased a lake cabin when I was 12 years old. This very rustic cabin, located on Odell Lake and surrounded by giant fir trees, is in close proximity to the Willamette Ski Pass. The lake is crystal clear on most days and is quite cold, as it is fed by mountain runoff. The scenery from our dock is amazing and snow-capped Diamond Peak sets a backdrop for boaters.

Odell Lake

Some of my favorite memories from growing up took place at the cabin. I developed my love for boating and lake life as a result of spending countless hours on the lake with friends and family each summer. I’m not kidding, even with a wetsuit, the water will literally take your breath away with temps in the 60’s until sometime towards the end of July. Then, if you’re lucky, maybe the water warms up into the 70’s. However, that never stopped me from jumping in and waterskiing or tubing for hours at a time.

When I moved to Minnesota in 2007 I was excited to be in the land of 10,000 lakes, but deep down I really missed my family’s cabin. The last time I visited the cabin was in 2012 and my top priority for my July 2016 visit to Oregon was to introduce Chase and Kate to my childhood wonderland.

Here are the highlights from our day at Gramps and Gramma’s cabin:

1. We kept tradition alive and stopped at Wickiup Junction for corn dogs and jojos. Some things never change!

2. We pulled up to the cabin and my parents realized that they left the keys for the cabin and the boat at home, which is about a 75-minute drive away. I seriously thought they were joking, but then quickly realized they weren’t by their facial expressions. My dad was able to pry the bathroom window open and my mom used her amazing skills to climb through a tiny bathroom window. Thankfully we got into the cabin, but we had to skip the boat ride.

Stacy & Kate

3. Chase loved water – even with the freezing cold 69-degree temperature! I thought that he might not want to get into the icy lake, but boy was I wrong! He put on a wetsuit, which was adorable, and had a blast swimming with Gramps. When he started shivering and his teeth were chattering I suggested that he needed to take a break to warm up. The answer came emphatically, “No, no, no!!” There’s definitely something special about watching my little guy splash and play where I used to spend so much time doing the same!

Chase & Gramps

Gramma & Kate

4. Auntie Claire jumped off the end of the dock. While this was fun to watch, I think the best part was when Chase went barreling down the dock after her and almost jumped in by himself! I think he would’ve had we not stopped him.

Claire & Chase

5. Gramps and I took Chase up to the train track to look for a train. We weren’t successful, but the excursion was memorable. Chase fell fast asleep while sitting up on Gramps’ shoulders! He played so hard while at the lake that he was completely out and doing the head bob. Hilarious!

Chase & Gramps - Railroad Tracks

Railroad Track

6. While Mom made dinner, Chase challenged Gramps to a wrestling match. Chase sat up to the table and Kate woke up from her nap with Auntie just in time for dinner. Nothing beats having meals in the cabin while looking out the big windows at the lake. The view is straight out of an outdoor magazine!

Yesterday we made memories that will last a lifetime. While it is a big job taking a toddler and 5 month-old on a day trip to the lake, it was totally worth it! I got some great pictures to remember our time spent at the cabin and can’t wait to go again!

In the coming weeks I will be reviewing some of the swimming products that Chase used while at the lake. Be on the lookout for this!

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