Review: Hydro Flask

Review: Hydro Flask

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I opened one of my kitchen cupboards this past week and realized that I have an entire space dedicated to water bottles and insulated coffee mugs. They are housed in the cupboard above my double oven, so I have to get on my tiptoes to see past the first row. Thus, I didn’t complete an exact count, but I’d say between the insulated mugs and water bottles I have enough to use a different one each day for about a month. Some are recognizable name brands you’re likely familiar with such as Nalgene and Camelbak, while the others are cheap no-name brands. It seems that I have picked up these items over the years by either purchasing them myself or receiving them as gifts. I now have a large collection that is taking up precious real estate in my kitchen cupboards. While some may think it’s nice to have such a vast collection to choose from, I think it’s a bit ridiculous. Then it hit me that I can reclaim my cupboard because I have finally found an insulated bottle that doesn’t even compare to other products in the hydration and coffee product space.


If you haven’t heard of Hydro Flask, you’re seriously missing out and you’re going to want to purchase one as soon as you finish reading this post. Hydro Flask is by far my favorite drink carrier and I may even love them a bit more because the company is based out of my hometown of Bend, Oregon. Seriously though, these are the most effective insulated bottles I’ve ever used and I dare you to find me one that does a better job of keeping your water ice cold or coffee steaming hot.

I’ll give you a little background on this up and coming company. Hydro Flask was founded in 2009 and they developed the first all-insulated bottle. The secret to their success is TempShield, which is their double wall, vacuumed insulated technology. This essentially protects your drink from outside elements. They have evolved over the past seven years and now have a full lineup of insulated products that include hydration, coffee, beer, and food. If you’re a beer enthusiast, you may be interested to know that Hydro Flask developed the very first all-insulated beer growler. That’s no surprise when you consider the booming brewery scene in Bend. It’s a smart move on their part to focus on a popular and fast-growing market.

One of the neatest things about this company, in my opinion, is that they donate 5% of the net proceeds from each product purchased to charity. They have a list of twelve different charities for you to choose from that include the American Cancer Society and Habitat for Humanity. It doesn’t get much better than making a great purchase while helping others who are in need. All information for how to make a donation after your purchase can be found on the Hydro Flask website.

I’ve collected numerous Nalgene and Camelbak bottles over the years and I thought they were worth using until I was introduced to the Hydro Flask. The Hydro Flask is amazing because it can keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours. Yeah, that’s not a typo! I have never used a bottle where the ice stays frozen for hours, even when outside in hot weather conditions. One feature I especially appreciate is that they do not sweat. There’s no need to worry about placing your Hydro Flask down on a table without a coaster underneath because they all contain a durable, sweat-free powder coat finish. Every other water bottle I’ve ever had sweat like crazy and I found myself having to periodically wipe the bottle off.

They also do an amazing job of keeping drinks piping hot for up to 6 hours. Back when I was working at the hospital I used to make a chai tea latte or hot chocolate every morning before work and I would use my Hydro Flask. Most days I would hit the ground running and didn’t have time to completely consume my beverage. I’d return to my desk after hours of running around the hospital and my drink would still be hot. Every other insulated mug I’ve used could not keep my drink warm for more than an hour or two. Once I saw how well they worked I was hooked!

There are a number of size options to choose from, so no need to worry that you won’t find one that will fit your needs. Currently, the hydration line comes in 12, 18, 21, 24, 32, 40, and 64 ounce size options. Depending on the bottle, you can choose between either the standard mouth size or the wide mouth size. Of note, the wide mouth size now comes standard with the brand new BPA-free Flex Cap. The Flex Cap is designed to make it easy for you to transport your bottle, as it has a soft flexible strap. The strap is attached to the bottle with stainless steel pivots, so it’s essentially impossible to break the strap. The cap utilizes Honeycomb Insulation technology, which keeps the internal temperature of the bottle protected no matter what type of environment you’re in. The coffee line is available in three different size options, which include 12, 16, and 20 ounce. These come with the wide mouth and Hydro Flip Lid. The beer product line features the 16 ounce true pint, 32 ounce wide mouth, and 64 ounce wide mouth growler. Hydro Flask also offers a food flask in either the 12 or 18 ounce size. These are great for outdoor enthusiasts!

Not only does Hydro Flask design products that are innovative, they also make products that look good. Just this past spring they introduced an entire new line of eleven bright and fun colors. Say goodbye to the boring stainless steel thermos! You literally can find one that fits your own personal style. They also have a wide array of accessories that you can choose from, including color bands, straw lids, and sport caps, to personalize your bottle.

I should mention that the Hydro Flask products are BPA-free and all come with a lifetime warranty. That’s a win, as they are both extremely safe and durable! Also, the bottles have rounded corners and an 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior that is non-porous. These features are important because they help eliminate odors and bacteria buildup.

I can’t say enough good things about the Hydro Flask! I have three that I use on a regular basis and I won’t use anything else when I’m out and about. Last summer I even took my Hydro Flask all the way to the Maldives with me! My husband has a set of the 4 true pints and he thinks they are great. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen him use a glass pint since receiving the true pints as a gift for Christmas. I think that once you try a Hydro Flask you’ll never go back to your other water bottles or insulated coffee mugs. I am a fan for life and I recommend them to all of my friends. Now I think I’ll go and reclaim my cupboard space since I can get rid of all of my other bottles that are worthless!

Have you ever tried a Hydro Flask? If so, what are your thoughts?

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