A Review: SlipX Solutions Extra Long Vinyl Bath Mat

A Review: SlipX Solutions Extra Long Vinyl Bath Mat


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Once my son outgrew his baby bathtub it was time to transition him to the regular bathtub. While this was an exciting milestone for him, I was pretty nervous about him slipping on the floor of the tub. As he became more mobile he would stand up while holding on to the side of the tub. He would then purposely fall back onto his bottom to perform a “splashdown.” Sure, this was fun and exciting for him, but I found myself envisioning all the things that could go wrong if he slipped. (Since I used to work in orthopedics I think it’s safe to say that I tend to be overly cautious due to the plethora of accidents I’ve seen!) I wanted him to enjoy playing in the bath, but at the same time wanted to make sure that I had done everything on my part to make the tub as safe as possible. That’s when a little research led me to the SlipX Solutions Extra Long Vinyl Bath Mat.

I’m super happy that I found this bath mat because it’s awesome! This mat supposedly provides 30% more coverage than the average bath mat. I tend to agree due to the fact that this mat covers the entire length of the tub floor. Both of my kids (ages 2 1/2 and 9 months) are easily able to sit on top of the mat when given a bath together and I don’t have to worry about one of them falling because the mat wasn’t big enough for both of them. It has over 100 suction cups which keep the mat firmly in place. The suction cups are strategically placed to prevent the mat from bunching.

The mat is designed to be used in tubs that have non-textured surfaces. My tub actually has a bit of a texture on the bottom, but I found that I can keep the mat in place by sticking the suction cups to the smooth surface just above where the texture ends. I’d say that it does stay in place better on non-textured surfaces, but I totally recommend since there aren’t really any other good options that I’ve come across for those with textured tubs. In my opinion, having a mat in place is so much better than the alternative of no mat at all!


This bath mat is composed of durable vinyl that is allergen-free and provides awesome cushioning, in addition to solid slip protection. There is a subtle texture on the surface of the mat which is intended to give a secure feeling when standing or, in my kids’ case, sitting on the mat.

I do find that the mat can get slimy underneath if left in place after each bath. I tend to flip it up on itself to allow it to dry between each bath which really helps. A huge plus to this specific bath mat is that it machine washable. I can just throw it in my washing machine every now and then to get it super clean.

It comes in a eleven different colors so you can choose to best match your bathroom if you wish.

My son is a crazy little guy in the tub and so far he has not had any bad slips since I purchased this item. My daughter, who is 9 months old, also does exceptionally well with this bath mat. I highly recommend the SlipX Solutions Extra Long Bath Mat for all parents of babies and toddlers who want to provide their little ones the safest bathtub experience possible!

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