A Review: Speedo Begin to Swim UV Bucket Hat

A Review: Speedo Begin to Swim UV Bucket Hat

Speedo Begin to Swim UV Bucket Hat

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The Speedo Begin to Swim UV Bucket Hat is a must have for all babies who enjoy spending time outside having fun in the sun. I stumbled upon this hat one day while I was shopping at Target for an upcoming trip to Florida. Seriously, I’m so glad that I found this! Not only is this hat stylish and cute, but more importantly, it provides UV50+ sun protection for your little one. I found out that UV50+ means that your baby can spend 50 hours in the sun and will have the equivalent of only one hour of direct sun exposure. Your baby will be able to play outside with maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays, as the hat completely covers the head and the brim provides shade to the neck and face. There is a chin strap with velcro closure that is handy when participating in activities such as swimming and boating. My son doesn’t seem to mind wearing this hat which is great since he occasionally will try to take baseball caps off when we are outside. This hat is made out of high quality material and is very lightweight. The colors have not faded despite many hours of use in the sun in Hawaii, California, and Florida. I have found that this hat dries very fast if it gets wet since it is made out of swimsuit-type material. The shape and fit of the hat does not change when it gets wet. This hat is used by my son for lake days and is great for our outings to the splash pad. I should mention that Speedo has a boy version and a girl version available.  I’m so glad that I found this hat and think you’ll be super pleased with this purchase!

Note: Since writing this review Speedo has released a newer version. The designs and colors are slightly different, but otherwise it appears to be the same product! 

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